Can I bring portable chairs, tents and tables to the picnic?

  • Yes, you can. You will have to arrive early to set up by 9am. Once roads are closed, you cannot  and will not be allowed to set up.


Can our host chapter set up a grill for visiting sorors and frat at the picnic?

  • Yes they can. Please email vendor@Atlantagreekpicnic.com for more details.


Is the Greek picnic a neo event? Are there opportunities for older greeks?

  • The picnic and the weekend is not a neo event as the greek picnic is for greek from all crossing years. Older greeks are very welcomed to participate in the events such as networking, greek comedy show case, step show, parties and to fraternize and bond build with their fellow greeks from all over the country. While neos are extremely excited to attend, We welcome all greeks to Atlanta Greek Picnic.


Considering so many greeks from all over the country attend AGP, can we run a reclamation drive for greeks?

  • Definitely! We encourage all greek orgs to run reclamation drives on their various plots to get greeks that are inactive back active. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc have successfully ran 4 years of reclamation drives and have reclaimed over 500+ members of the years! Please email us if you need help setting that up. Info@Atlantagreekpicnic.com


We would like to participate in the stroll off. How can we sign up?

  • Please email stroll@Atlantagreekpicnic.com for the sign up info.


I have a product I would like to sell during the Picnic. How can I get signed up?

  • Simply email us at Vendor@Atlantagreekpicnic.com and we’ll send you a vendor packet.


I am a non profit organization and would like to participate during the Atlanta Greek Picnic weekend. How can we do so? 

  • Kindly email steph@Atlantagreekpicnic.com and we can set up your non profit at Atlanta Greek Picnic!


What proof of being D9 greek is acceptable for the Picnic on saturday?

  • You can show a membership card,financial card, tattoo, brand or have on nalia. Vouching is not accepted. =)


Do I need to wait in line with my VIP card?

  • No, you don’t. Ask an AGP Staff member where you should enter with your VIP Card or look for the sign for VIP Entry. If you don’t see anyone walk up to the front and ask for VIP Card members entrance.


 Will my VIP Card be mailed to me?

  • No, it won’t.  You will need to pick up your card in person so we can give also you the full details. We will send you an email where we will be when AGP starts. You can also tweet us @atlgreekpicnic or DM us on IG via @Atlgreekpicnic1 for faster correspondence.


Where will the main Atlanta Greek Picnic event be held?

  • On the greek plot of Morris Brown College in the AUC.


I have a VIP Card. Will I need to stand in the regular line for the step show?

  • No you don’t. You will look for a sign that says “VIP CARD HOLDERS” which is typically on the far left entrance of Morehouse’s Forbes arena entrance. Show your VIP Card and Valid state ID to enter.


Is the step show open to the public?

  • Yes the step show is open to the public.


How can I get floor seats for the Step show ? 

  • All you have to do is click the tickets tab in the app and when the new page opens up, just pick your floor seat for the show. We will have an expedited line for you to enter the event and the floor area will be secured and labeled.


If I want to sit with my friend at the step show, how can I do that?

  • You can either get to the step show early and get a general admission seat but that is based on a first come first serve seating arrangement. The most guaranteed way to seat together is to purchase a floor seat to seat together. You can purchase these tickets via “Tickets” on the app.


Will you have tickets on sale the day of the show at Morehouse?

  • Yes, we will have tickets on sale at the door.

Do you record pictures and video of your event?

  • Yes, we do. All attendees who attend AGP maybe recorded and have their pictures taken. They images and likeness maybe used in all promotional videos and advertising.

I bought a ticket and I have an issue that came up, Can I get a refund?

  • Unfortunately, all sales are final and we do not issue refunds. You can give the ticket to a friend if you choose to as we will scan the bar code.


Do you have advertising packages through your platforms?

  • Yes we do. Please email our account executive- Steph@Atlantagreekpicnic.com for rates.


If I have more questions, who can I email?

  • Please email either info@Atlantagreekpicnic.com or Steph@Atlantagreekpicnic.com for assistance.