About Atlanta Greek Picnic Weekend:
The Atlanta Greek Picnic is a highly successful yearly summer event designed to provide members of the prestigious Greek letter organization a unique experience that caters to them. This event has consistently drawn a wide variety of all Divine 9 members from numerous states across the United States and there is no other event like this in the world. This event has grown from its subtle beginnings to becoming the most popular destination and focal point for all Greek Chapters, Line Brothers, Line Sisters and Sands to reunite and socialize for one amazing weekend of unity.
Despite the competitiveness of Greeks to be recognized as the number one organization, the unity, respect and competitive spirit is definitely present amongst greeks as they bond together for a fun filled weekend of establishing new relationships, Networking and awareness.

We are very excited as we have begun preparations for the 15th annual Atlanta Greek Picnic weekend as this year’s events will celebrate Greek unity, continue to create memories that last a lifetime, establish new and strengthen existing relationships that continue to promote and strengthen Greek life within each organization.